About Amuse

AMUSE is a contemporary floral design studio that offers rebellious luxury and characterful spirit of floral design, that complements our vision of pushing the boundaries of modern floristry and to be a pacesetter for years to come. AMUSE has several years of proven experience in the floral industry in Kuwait, and is considered a prestigious artistic destination. We are aware that the City of Dubai is actively booming in the floral industry, consequently, we proudly expanded our operations and opened our first Studio in January 2020.

Our team is composed of industry experts who are devotees of mid-century modernism, passionate about their work and have an extensive background in a wide variety of applications.

On the other hand, In Dubai, we aim to focus on tailoring the needs and requirements of luxurious five stars hotels. We believe the style of the floral decor makes a huge statement about an establishment, its values, and its place in the market. Also, we love working with clients to plan private parties, product launches and corporate events, In addition to our competency in designing bespoke weddings to tell a story through extraordinary and memorable designs, from a minimalist wedding bouquets to a luxurious ballroom transformation.

Our Vision

To elevate and embolden floral design.

Our Mission

To break through the barriers of conventional floral design and offer our customers the most compelling arrangements.